True North Health
              Navigating Health for Ourselves,  Our Communities and Our Planet.

       WHO WE ARE

True North Health is a new grass roots organisation based in London Uk.

We are made up of voluntary healers and practitioners, educators, workshop leaders and herbalists who work on a community level to make a difference.

Some of us have worked together informally in the Womens' Health project,  some of us organise and represent lqbtqia communities and we all share a passion for both integrated health projects and supporting RAS women and children, and lgbtqia people.

We aim to come together twice a year to organise public events that are both educational and conscious raising.



In September 2017 we became the UK Partner of a Berlin initiative  called  STEP ACROSS THE BORDER, an Erasmus Plus funded project.
We are delighted to be swapping experiences and best practice in this horizontal learning programme, particularly during this time of increasing racism and zenophobia.
For more info click STEP ACROSS THE BORDER
Look out for our BLOGS and see how you can be involved