Who We Are

Who We Are 

True North Health is a health, wellness, education and arts community interest company based in North London centred from and serving (but not exclusively) women and qtipoc peoples health needs.

We are a network of colleagues, comrades, allies, friends and affiliates who seek to make links between economic, environmental, spiritual, social, cultural and class factors around health creation and health maintenance, and promote holistic approaches for working with systemic illnesses.

We aim to empower ourselves and each other through sharing connection , knowledges and practices, art, beauty, music,  food and herbs to  create sustainable ethical health.

                          For ourselves, our communities and our planet.

Picture from our Transformative Sound Event in October 2018. Held at the Masjid Ramadan مسجد. and with Tafrina Dubois facilitating  the last sound bath session.

Friends, Members, Associates and Collaborators 

Co founder and voluntary Director:  Caroline Smart.   Musician, Dj, ethnomusicologist, community organiser, doula, health educator.  Member of Women's Health Project London and co founder of Women's Anarchist Nuisance Cafe 1999-2012.   Contact caro@truenorthhealth.co.uk.

Co founder and non executive Director:  Sonn Williams. Currently working teaching and training in Diversity and Trans awareness within cancer support organisation Macmillan.

Rasheeqa Ahmad: Community herbalist, medical herbalist, community activist. Member of Women's Health Project London

Lucy Van de Wiel: Postdoc researcher at the University of  Cambridge  on fertility, egg freezing and women's reproductive rights.

Angelus Squid Marr: Multi talented musician, story teller, artist, educator, performer, collaborator.

Tafrina Dubois: Musician, DJ, Gong Practitioner, collaborator and founder of Self Heal Sounds.

Carmel Reynolds Knowles: ESOL English language teacher, musician, DJ, singer and co -creator of punk band dogshite

Shaan Surat Knaan: Co founder of Rainbow pilgrims.

Khadijatou Doyneh: Musician, poet, cultural activist

Calliope :  A vegan guineapig who blogs about cancer education - cancerguineapig.com