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As a young one I only saw punk as angry white men, rightly or wrongly (like how, I know the Slits right!>=?!) the diversities and nuances absent from my understanding. Then Two Tone arrived and I could breathe. I recently saw a super inspiring film at the Genesis cinema called Queercore and was re -inspired and re educated about the diversity and the inclusivity of punk activism as outsider queer subcultures. It nourished and grounded me in my lived history of resistance.

The strength of punk, the spirit of DIY just get up and do it even if it is crap, and the anger at a capitalist fucked up system underpinned the energy and spirit, and was a main driver for the part of the London Underground free party rave scene that I was a part of. That anger transmuted into sound system culture and a Do It Together ethos, dancing love peace and unity. Together. And I always felt more at home there than on the "gay and lesbian" scene.

It is my background with this that informs my lived attitude to health creation and also the creation of True north Health, a not for profit grass roots organisation of which I am a voluntary director. Obviously True North refers to finding your own guiding star to navigate through challenges in life but also to represent a different face of the north, maybe a truer face than rich white voracious patriarchal capitalist system that is imprinted on us by the overlords who colonise us and our understandings. Phew what a mouthful. And breathe!

True North health is about health creation that joins up the dots, that is, to use the buzzword of the now, intersectional.  It is about wellbeing for all not wellbeing for some at the expense of others. It is about looking at systemic diseases like cancer, and the body and its relation to the world for example in a different way.  By that I mean an invitation to embrace the concept of radical compassion. To be able to hold with compassion the body when it fails, when our cells and systems don't work as they should, and make positive restorative action from that place. Like wise for our social and collective bodies. Radical compassion is a way of collapsing the binary of them and us.

It is in the spirit of all this that we present the 5 day programme Queer Punk Health Creation, as part of the Erasmus horizontal learning exchange called Step Across The Border with our allies and fellow partners from Berlin and Marseilles, sharing sound, music and the coming together to share a moment in our lives to create support and love. But not a roll over meek kind of love but a radical fierce pro active love.

The public events are for everyone.   


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